Friday, February 15, 2013

Cruz's Week In A Nutshell (A Couple Days Late...)

Here is what little man was up to last week (yeah, it's Friday and I'm just posting this)...I'm oh so jealous of the life he lives.

Lauritzen Gardens Lego Display: as soon as the email came through, I knew this exhibit would be perfect for Cruz....and he had a blast with J last week! He made a ton of new friends and discovered a new found love of much so he almost suckered me into buy a massive pack at Babies R Us the other night, except then I realized we have more toys than we know what to do with and didn't need them. He's pretty smooth and between you and I, I would buy him whatever he wanted. This works now because he loses interest quickly, won't be so good when toy tantrums start happening at the store.

New Toys: we broke out the Radio Flyer 4-in-1 that Gma Di and Papa Ron got him for Christmas. I got this far on putting it together and then got stuck putting the parent handle on the back (where we guide him). I'm generally the one who figures out how to put everything together around our house, but I'm stuck on a handle for a trike? So now the bike and all of the random parts sit scatter in the office, just waiting to be put together.

In the meantime, he LOVES to be pushed around on this's just that it really hurts mama and dada's backs having to bend over him the entire time.

Haircut: 2nd haircut in the books and to celebrate we took him to Oscar's for grilled cheese and race car games. He obviously wasn't interested in the haircut, but loved the perks afterwards.

FaceTime: mom got an iPhone this week, which lead to C and my first ever FaceTime sesh...and it was awesome! He kept copying what mom was saying and every time papa Ron came into the shot, he shouted "Papa. Papa." Later on we jumped on a quick chat with this time he was so upset from not getting to see Gma and Papa in person and I think he just wanted some big Nanu squeezes and he was a blubbering mess.  Poor baby...

Mall Play Areas: another fave is the visits he takes to the mall play areas. I have to admit that while I'm not the biggest clean- or germ-freak of the bunch - these places still weird me out, but little man LOVES them! We just make sure to have plenty of sanitizer present when we leave.

Naked Babies: these pics are mainly taken for my benefit. I love naked baby skin and giving him a chance to shed his clothes every now and again when we are just chillin' at the house. The pose below? That is all him. And, of course, why wouldn't we use the new ottomans as play areas...

Have a great weekend!


  1. He's had more fun in his first year than I've had my entire life!!! We are planning an outing for c and I this summer!!! Also how cute is he when posing by the ottoman- STUD!!!

  2. i love diapy time too! avrie is a little confused about the whole facetime thing but i love being able to connect with family far enough away that we go weeks/months between visits. :)


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