Tuesday, February 12, 2013

15 Months Old!

Happy fifteen months, little monster!

What's New With Cruz:
  • Walking: since he started walking last month, he hasn't looked back. This kid is all over the place, which means waaay more boo boos. I swear he falls time no less than 10 times a day. 
  • Wedding: C was ringbearer in my brother Josh's wedding on January 19th. It was so great that he could actually walk down the aisle this time...he was so cute! I'm glad we purchased his tux for uncle Mook & auntie Britt's wedding back in September, because he was able to throw it on again for this one!

  • Dancing: turn on a jam and little man drops it like it's hot. He bounces, sways, walks in circles....it's unfortunate but he's already a better dancer than his mama.
  • Sleeping: we struggled a bit early on this month with sleep - he wasn't on a good nap schedule (until nanny J started) and at night we had some bad habits with him and had to lay with him until he fell asleep. Last week we took back control and started our form of sleep training with him...and it WORKED! Bath, PJs, books, rock for a couple minutes and then lay him down and shut the door. Each day since we started we've shaved time off the amount he cries to where it's mere seconds after we shut the door. It is the BEST thing ever....I can't believe we didn't try this earlier.
  • Eating: we cannot eat a bite without Cruz hightailing it over to us and begging for a bite. This boy has an appetite on him and eats so well. This month he's discovered steamed broc, fruit snacks, blueberries, pears and shredded chicken. Yum!
  • CopyCat: he has turned into quite the copy cat this past month as well. He copies absolutely everything we say...now we just have to be aware of what comes out of our mouth. No more swearing for this girl. 
  • 2nd Haircut: haircut NUMERO TWO is in the books. Not as fun or eventful as the first...actually he seemed downright bored by it, but he looks oh so cute without the hair flapping over his ears.

  • New Words: Juice (sounds like jeeew-ce), "baaa" when referencing a sheep, ball...finally!, nanu (nan-eeew), papa, nana for banana and Gma Dianne...and a ton of others.
  • Actions: Cruz has taken to copying everything we do - his faves? "I don't know" accompanied with a shrug of the shoulders, hands out to the side. Eskimo kisses - he learned them one night and now they have become his thing. And my favorite, one time I was tapping my lips say "hmmm" while we were looking for some PJs in his closet and he started doing it...and now every time he hears "hmmm" his finger automatically starts tapping his lips. It's super cute.
  • Nanny: she has started and she is amazing. As much as we loved Primrose Daycare, we are much more happy with J! She works on his development, takes him to great places to play, schedules playdates with other nannies and their kiddos and so much more. It's easy to see I'm smitten with our new nanny. 

  • New Boy Cousin: some of the best news recently? Cruz is going to have a BOY cousin...coming June via uncle Ross & auntie Morgan. We are beyond excited!

Happy 15, little buddy!

And he's over it....

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  1. "and hes over it" ahaha great caption! i love the copy cat stage, its AMAZING what our kiddos absorb! he is just a doll!


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