Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Kiddo Is Mean

Alright, so my perfect, sweet, loving baby boy has a mean streak...and I don't like it one bit.

This kid has taken to hitting. He will hit me, the hubs, the dog - it doesn't matter - when he's mid-tantrum or just frustrated. At first (and we are talking just a few times) we laughed when he did this. I think it just caught us both by such surprise that we thought it was funny. Now? It definitely ain't funny.

And not only does he hit, but he throws things when he's mad too. And hard. Of course, we've taught him how to throw - like a baseball, a basketball, normal stuff - but we never intended him to use his throwing skills against us. And this kid can really throw a ball well...and hard! We have practiced with a real baseball and after a couple close calls, I've been hiding those real baseballs.

And these tantrums. Let's just say mama isn't pleased. When he isn't done playing with something and you try to pick him up - he arches his back and goes limp so he just about slides right through your hands. And now he's started kicking his legs. I thought this wasn't supposed to happen until like the terrible twos or something...not 14 months?

The other night I was the unlucky one who was caught in the middle of one of his little tantrums. I picked him up and he threw his head back HARD and caught me in the lip. Immediately, I could feel my lip swelling up. I mean, I've always wanted some Angelina Jolie lips, but this wasn't how I figured I would be getting them.

Any tips on how to make this stop? Do we ignore it? Hit him back? (Ok, I'm not really going to hit him back. Kidding here.) Tell him no? Help, please.


  1. i giggled at the hit him back comment, in the most loving way possible that is! haha but no.. .i remember son after avries first birthday she was throwing these 10 second tantrums and i was like OH NO where did my sweet little girl go!? well it was just a phase and really she (maybe like C) is learning to control emotions, so... this leads to experimenting and testing mommy and daddy. we have found that distractions/redirection work best for stuff like this ;)

  2. Totally agree with the above. Tory started throwing tantrums big time right late December/early January, so around 15/16 months old. She would bang her head on the floor or on the walls, hit and fight to break free from my arms. First, I read up on Baby Center about temper tantrums and that really helped me understand that it's the age and like AJ said above, they are trying to communicate but get frustrated because they can't talk so they act out in this way.

    For me, I try to either redirect or get down on Tory's level and ask her if she needs a hug or how I can help her. Sometimes she is frustrated because she can't do something on her own or just needs a little one-on-one interaction to feel better. If she's throwing a fit because she can't have/do something I've said then I just walk away and let her throw a fit until she gets over it.

    Lastly, I started giving her some more choices which has REALLY helped her keep her emotions under control. I moved her cups and plates to lower cabinet so she can pick them out. I let her pick out pajamas at night and let her choose between two outfits when we get dressed in the morning. Offering up a few more choices seems to make her feel more independent and thus less fits.


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