Friday, January 11, 2013

What's New Around Here

It's almost been two weeks since my last post and I've been dying to get back on the blogging bandwagon.

Work has been a B these past two weeks and I will be one happy girl once this next month is over. I'm drowning in 2013 plan presentations, annual reviews, employee surveys, our casino move, arena events and interviews for five marketing roles, which means I'm down five employees. Argh.

My schedule the past week+ has looked like this:
  • Wake up around 5-6am
  • Get to work by 7-8am
  • Work until 5-6pm
  • Feed, bathe, play & put little man to bed by 9-9:30pm
  • Go back to work via laptop until 11-12am
  • Repeat...
My days have been packed with meetings, which means I have no time during the day to catch up on email or the takeaways from our meetings...hence, the late night working.

The highlight of my week was earlier today when grandma brought little man by for a visit...boy, did this kiddo win over the hearts of all the ladies in our office...and was such a welcome break for a frazzled mama.

This is C walking into a co-worker's office, pushing the door open & waving hello
Here is a great big cheers to only on more day of work this week...and then two {much needed} days off.

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