Monday, January 28, 2013

If I Had Unlimited Time

If I had unlimited time, I would...

Lay on the couch and read through my preggo blog. I find myself reading through the blogs of my family and friends who are pregs and I can't remember how I felt or what I was focusing on as they hit certain milestones.  I would also love to catch up on my fave blogs and find some new ones.

Clean and organize every drawer, cupboard and closet in our house. This started in January and we've done damn good at keeping up with it, but there's oh-so-much more to do.

Lord knows I'm no cook, but I do find I enjoy trying new recipes - cuz a girl's gotta eat - and I've picked up a ton of Cooking Light magazines in the past few months, but once they get home they sit on my side table and collect dust.

Speaking of magazines, I love reading magazines but never find the time to sit and read one. Unless you count the fact that I read every single US Weekly I get during the mornings as I blow dry or curl my hair. I cannot miss out on my celeb gossip. Actually, if there was a job that required knowing the most random things about celebs - like their kid's names or what they wore to the SAG Awards or who they cheated on whom with - I would be the bomb. I can't remember pertinent life information, but I  know that Gwen Stefani's kids are named Kingston and Zuma.

I have a massive list of DIY projects just waiting to be done. Some I've snagged from Pinterest and others from blogs I follow. People inspire me. They are way more creative than I will ever be. But I will do my best to copy them and pretend I am too.

Go visit my friend Clint's second baby girl. Major bad friend alert - she was born on the 9th and I have yet to meet her.

I'm also no Ansel Adams, but I love taking pictures. And I wish I took more pictures with my DLSR. The only pictures I seem to take any more are from my iPhone and posted onInstagram.

I desperately need to paint the upstairs guest bathroom. I was in there the other day and questioning why I ever thought the ugly pea-colored walls looked good. I also want to have the entire upstairs painted - this doesn't seem to fit in this post, because why can't I just hire that out - I just think about the time to take everything off the walls and moving all the furniture and that is a major undertaking.

Get a massage. This girl has some knots...and even if I didn't? It just sounds good.

Would it be bad to schedule the nanny on a Monday or take a couple days of PTO so I can rock some of these things out?

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