Friday, January 11, 2013

We're Baaack.....

I cannot believe it's been this long in between posts...and I've been dying to blog! I've got a ton to update y'all on, so get comfortable.

First. Cruz is walking. I'm not kidding, our doll baby is FINALLY walking and it is so stinkin' cute! He's been trying so hard, for so long and after about 102,000 falls and many tears, he is doing it on his own.

Second. Work has been at it's worst, leaving me no time for me and not much for the fam.

Lastly, I've got a load of posts half started that I need to finish and post. Primarily my 2012 year end review, year in photos and then I need to complete Cruz's 14 month post! Keep on the lookout for everything!

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  1. I was getting a little worried. So happy to see a post! Hope work slows down a bit, we miss you guys.


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