Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Nanny Diaries

I won't spend a ton of time yakking about our nanny on this thing, but....oh, who am I kidding? I'm going to scream it from the rooftop that I.LOVE.THIS.GIRL. (In the most platonic way possible, that is).  Seriously, I know it's rather soon to be so smitten with her, but she is great. Fantastic. Amazing with our little guy.

Last week was her first week taking care of our main man...and she did great. On Monday we had a bit of an orientation of sorts - walked the house, showed her where to find things, spent time with little man and got her ready for her week.

She has been a nanny for a while and has tons of nanny friends. On Tuesday, she asked me if it was ok to go for a play date at baby gym. Of course! My biggest worry has been that he will miss the interaction with other little kiddos, so this was by far ok.  And C loved it! She sent many pics and videos to help make the transition easier on me...

Baby Gym in La Vista
Trampoline fun!

J & Cruzer 

Fun with new friends!

 On Wednesday they headed to the Joslyn Art Museum for their toddler time. I'VE never even been to the Joslyn and I've lived her for 9 years. But girlfriend has already introduced my little man to the finer things.

Chillin' with his new buddies

In front of a Joslyn staple - the glass sculpture in the Atrium
TOYS! Cruz & his new friend, Edie
On Thursday, the last day of their first week together, it was all about the Children's Museum...and this by far seems to be his most favorite place!

Super Cruz! Pillow cape they made.

His fave thing...playing with the computer

 What a week for our little man! He did so many fun things and had such a great week with his new nanny, J. We cannot wait for what's to come!


  1. oh my gosh... she is amazing!!! what great piece of mind you have!

  2. Awesome! I knew you'd find someone great. We had the best nanny experience and I loved how she was able to teach Tory things I didn't even think of! Glad Cruz is adjusting well and you are too.

    1. She really is great - we lucked out. But it's not as great as it would be if I were home myself. I get a bit jealous of you in that regard. :)


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