Saturday, January 26, 2013

On My Mind

It's time for a little brain dump of what's been going on in my world lately...

Weather...has been kicking my ass this week. It really needs to commit to being cold or warming up, I'm tired of this fluctuation. Case in point, on Tuesday morning it snowed {traffic was a B and it took me 1 1/2 hours to get to work that morning, but that's beside the point}, on Wednesday I ran outside, on Thursday the minute you stepped outside it felt as though your fingers were going to fall off from the cold and yesterday I walked around without a coat. wth? you know it's been quite the month at work and we just finished our 2013 plan presentation last week so I feel like this week I've been able to breathe a bit. While it's been major craziness, all of the work and time is justified when you receive an email like this {it came from the head of VIP marketing for the company...a woman I've idolized since I started working here 9 years ago}.

Luke Bryan....we got our tickets and are coming to see you in March. Can't wait!

Speaking of music...I had a chance to update my iTunes music the other night and I'm so excited for some new music and the new "running" playlist I created.  An eclectic mix with a little Hunter Hayes, Jay-Z, Maroon 5, Biebs, Lee Brice and Taylor can you not be excited about that??

Date night....finally came to fruition last night and we had a really good night together. Of course, we could only stand each other long enough to endure pre-dinner cocktails and dinner at Jams and then had to meet up with the crew - what can I say, we're social butterflies. Highlights include cappuccinos and turtle cheesecake for dessert, the new bar scene in Benson {BeercadeKrug Park, and some bar in the back of a convenience store} and a full night's sleep with no little someone to wake us up early. Beercade is def a cool concept - who doesn't love beer and old school video games - except that as soon as you stepped foot in the bar itself it smelled like a guy's college dorm room mixed with a strong case of BO and fried food. And was filled with boys who I can guarantee have only seen a naked girl on the internet, never in person.

Lot's-O-Beer at Krug Park

Brother's wedding...was an absolute blast. And so were making memories like these - candid with mom and my sistas, cake fight with the groom and bridesmaid, laughing so hard with my sister as we managed to cover our faces and dresses in delicious cake.

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