Sunday, January 13, 2013

14 Months Old!

Our little guy is developing like crazy - I have to say this past month has been one of the most fun with him. He is changing like crazy and has learned so much.

What's New With Cruz:

  • Walking: Little man is FINALLY walking! I know I shouldn't be so excited because it means he is everywhere and harder to track down, but it just makes me so proud! I've felt he was going to start walking for the past two months ever since he became so brave with his walking toys and then pulling himself up but he just wasn't having it...until this past week. Now he's off to the races!
Practicing his walking skills
  • Christmas: we celebrated little man's second Christmas and it was so much fun! He loved opening his presents and playing in all of the paper and boxes. 
Our family at Christmas

  • Best Friends & Play Dates: Cruz's future best friend, Rocky, was born on December 17th to our friends, Jeremy & Sirvan. I cannot wait to watch them grow up together! Little man also had his first play date in December with Tory - I went to college with Tory's mama, Heather and have followed Tory through Heather's blog forever...they were so cute together! 

Jeremy, Sirvan & Rocky
Tory & Cruz
  • Hitting:  his tantrums have continued (please make them stop already). When he is exhausted, he hits himself on the head and we are struggling with how to get him to stop doing this. We've read to hit him back...but I can't imagine hitting my son, so we've taken to telling him "no" in a stern voice and with a serious face. He also hits us. I don't think he's trying to be mean, but it definitely hurts. We use the same method as when he hits himself, but it doesn't necessarily help or he cries when we tell him "no" and then I feel bad. :)
  • Talking: it's time for this mama to start watching what she says because Cruz repeats EVERYTHING we say. His favorite is to say "more" while signing it and "no, no, no" while shaking his finger (thanks Gma C!). He no longer moss when we ask what a cow says, but he does say "ruff" a lot. He also said "Teh-Tah" when Grandma D pointed to a picture of auntie Tessa. She is going to be so excited to hear that!
  • First Haircut: our little ragamuffin is no more...Cruz got his first haircut in December by Ricky my stylist and he looks so great. 
Raggedy little man to...

....dapper stud!
  • Learning & Development: he continues to sign as his primary way of talking - more, milk, please and thank you - and we have day care to thank for that. BUT we actually taught him how to sign "all done" and I'm pretty proud of that. Now he's saying "all done" while he signs it. He also learned how to give "knucks" in one day and now prefers that over high five and gives them out all day long.
  • Nanny: we finally have hired a nanny! We will call her J - she is going to school for early childhood development and I think she is going to be wonderful. I cannot wait for her to start and for little man to get back to a normal schedule.

Happy fourteen months, little monster!

The real chalkboard artist!

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  1. Walking ... hooray! Everything's more fabulous when toddlers can walk, I think. It will melt your heart when he reaches up and grabs your hand to walk somewhere vs. carrying him. :)

    Definitely NOT digging the tantrums in this stage, though. I'm there with you on that one. Tory also hits (just me, thankfully) and bangs her head on things. I agree - I don't think they're doing it to be mean. I read the behavior is out of frustration because at this age they are smart enough to know exactly what is going on, but not vocally developed enough to express their wants and needs. Therefore, they throw themselves on the ground, hit, bang their heads, etc. to express frustration. I've been trying to be more "in the moment" with Tory when this happens and kneel down to her level to address her needs in an effort to combat the negative behavior. It's somewhat working ... but I think it's just part of the age.

    So fun, and yet so ornery, this age!


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