Monday, January 14, 2013

On My Mind

On My Mind is going to be a post where I brain dump some of the major, not so major and mind-numbingly dull things going on in my head. It's just how I think...

Dear Nanny - you're hired! Ever since our phone interview I've been a smitten kitten with you - girl's got skills. Can't wait until you start tomorrow and our life can finally get back on track.

Dear Clutter - you have been getting a major kick in the booty this week and that a$$-kicking will continue today. With the crazy that has been life these past few weeks, I've majorly neglected the casa. This week - per a great idea by the hubs {see, I do listen to him} - we have de-cluttered at least one cupboard per night. This was actually a really great idea because the whole project seemed overwhelming, but taken one at a time much more do-able. I def have myself a smart man.
Dear Hubby- we REALLY need some time alone together. I never realized how much of a negative impact having a child would have on our relationship. Now, don't get me wrong, it's not that serious, but we just need some time with each other while not having to juggle little man at the same time. I'm not down with us 'going out' but without each other.

Dear Brother - it's WEDDING WEEK for you and Ash! I'm so proud of you and the man you've become since welcoming baby girl D into this world and cannot wait to see you make an honest woman out of that woman of yours.

Dear Blogger - you're welcome for this break the past couple weeks. Don't get used to it. I found that by not having time to blog, I'm just not myself.

Dear Self - you've got a TON going on at work this week, but don't let it get you flustered or frustrated. It's just work. You will get through the 2013 plan presentation, meeting with your long-time work mentor on your own turf {can't believe she's finally coming to Iowa!} and putting a marketing plan together for the casino move. Even if you only have a three-day work week to do it.

Happy three day work week to me...and bring on the wedding fun this weekend!

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