Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas 2011: Manganaro's in Laurel

Our first stop of our Christmas tour was heading to Laurel to spend Friday the 23rd with Grandma Carol, Duane, Marc & Brittany. We got up early and left Omaha for Cruz's second trip back home. He did well on the drive just up until we were outside of Wayne when he woke up hungry. Since I'm finally sitting up front in the car with Nick instead of back with Cruz (FINALLY!), I had to do the "reach around the seat" to give little man a small snack which helped to tide him over until we got to Laurel.

Once at the house, Carol had prepared a great meal (Nick had the best filet EVER) and we spent the rest of the day lounging around, snacking, opening presents and having a couple drinks. Usually when we're back we head downtown to the local bar and have some cocktails with Nick & Marc's friends from high school, but Nick and I were so cool this year that we couldn't make it past 9pm and had to head to bed (it's tiring with a little one!). The next morning, Britt and I made our legendary omelets which have become our little tradition and everyone headed out on their separate ways.

Cruz & Bailey w/ his new Santa rattle

Nick & I watching everyone open presents

Duane & Cruzer

Britt & Marc with all their loot

Grandma Carol oepning her gifts

Nick finding many uses for the boppy pillow

Maya celebrating the Christmas spirit

Next stop: Emerson to spend Christmas Eve with my family.

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