Wednesday, January 11, 2012

First Day Of Day Care

Yesterday was a very difficult day for me.  It was the first day we dropped Cruz off at Primrose - his new weekday haunt while Nick & I are working. I have been pretty emotional for the past week whenever I thought of having to bring Little Mango to longer getting to spend all day with him. The night before went well - it was the first time Cruz actually slept 4 1/2 hours straight! Nick woke up with him at 4:30am to feed him and then I jumped into the shower to get myself ready. After all of our prep (both mine & Cruz's), I had him loaded up in his carseat ready to go and we said goodbye to daddy. And that's where I broke down and Nick decided he needed to come with me to daycare help me with our first day.

Up bright and early...ready to go
We were the first to arrive at Primrose at 6:45am and got Cruzer settled in the infant room. Miss Bev was there and made us feel very at ease. At this point, little man was awake and so we put his stuff away and laid him on the floor mat in front of the mirrors. He looked so content...but that is when I broke down again and had to give him a few more kisses and get out of there. Fortunately Nick was able to hold a conversation while I was blubbering away.

Nick picked him up around 2:30pm (where he was wailing at the top of his lungs getting his diaper changed - he said I was lucky I wasn't there) and brought him home, where Cruz slept and slept until I got home from work. It must've been a bit of an adjustment for him to be in a room with bright lights and lots of other babies - so he was exhausted! We cuddled as soon as I walked in the door and Nick showed me his daily chart as well as the cute artwork they did with Cruz. It made me feel better to see and read all about the fun stuff he did all day.

My first painting - "Ocean Painting" - using my feet to paint!

My first steps at Primrose
 Grandma Dianne and Papa Ron happened to be in town, so they stopped by to see little man. He was so happy and smiley the entire time they were here. After they left we cuddled for a bit longer before putting him to bed. Finally getting through the first day was a relief - and I know that it will get easier (at least that's what I hear!) and I'm definitely looking forward to getting to that point!
Grandma Dianne came to visit...

...and Papa Ron too!

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