Sunday, January 15, 2012

It Sounds Worse Than It Is....Right?

No parent wants to hear that something is wrong with their little one. Everything negative runs through your mind and it's all you can focus on...even though deep down you feel that everything will be ok.

We've noticed that Little Mango has favored leaning his head to the right side for quite some time, but figured it was due to his head being heavier and the fact that he doesn't have good neck control yet. This week we found out that it is in fact a problem, but fortunately one that was caught early enough and should be easily treated.

In this picture you can see how Cruz's head/neck is usually
facing when he's on his back and even when he's on his
tummy. Its very clear that he favors the right side.

When Nick picked up Cruzer from day care on Thursday, Dr Laura {well known Omaha pediatrician who opened the school} asked to talk with him. While she was doing rounds in the infant rooms and checking on the babies that day she noticed that Cruz's head was constantly leaning to the right. She told Nick it was a condition called Torticollis, which means twisted neck, and if we went to a physical therapist we should be able to fix it before it gets any worse. Of course as soon as Nick called me and told me about his conversation, I immediately googled Torticollis and saw all the scary side effects of this condition, BUT we soon decided we weren't going to focus on that and instead focus on the fact that we are going to have to work with him daily on exercises for his neck to get it back in shape.

If you remember, the doctors had told us when we were in the hospital that they thought the left side of little man's jaw line was a bit distorted and told us it was due to the fact that he was scrunched up against my pelvis when I was carrying him and that it would fill out over time.  Now, they think this could also be the reason for his Torticollis. When the left side of his face was shoved against my pelvis, it pushed his head to the right side, so this position is comfortable to him.

So we have an appointment with a physical therapist tomorrow....wish us {and, of course, Cruzer} luck...

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