Thursday, January 5, 2012

Gorgeous, Sunny Day was absolutely gorgeous. Who would've thought we would have 66 degree weather in January...definitely not I who has always figured that by choosing to live in Nebraska meant I succumbed to living in cold weather from November through February {even longer during bad winters}!  Since it doesn't happen often, we decided we had to get our lazy, homebody butts out of the house and take a much need walk. This is the first time Cruz has had a true outdoor walk, unless you count the many times he has been pushed from the car to the mall or the grocery store.

We packed up little man and Maya and headed to Lake Zorinsky {which was the home to many of my runs prior to becoming too preggo with Cruz} and walked the five miles around the lake. Cruz took a long nap during the hour & half we spent outside soaking up the warm sun and chatting about a little bit of everything, while Maya barked at every dog that came in her path. It was really great to get outside after being cooped up for so long...and I couldn't have thought of a better way to spend an unusually sunny January afternoon.

Ready for his first walk

Loved the trees...and Maya's pose

Daddy & Cruzer

Lake Zorinsky in the background {the water finally filling back up}

Cruz - still sleeping through the walk
Halfway done but at a great spot for a family photo {minus dad}

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