Saturday, January 14, 2012

Our Little Guy: Two Months Old

Little Mango turned two months old yesterday and it's so hard to believe. Time has flown by especially while I was out on maternity leave and now the work days can't end soon enough for me to get home to see our little guy! It's been a big month of growth and development for Cruz.

What has Cruz been up to?
  • Big News:  little man started day care this week! As insanely difficult as it has been to leave him while we go to work, our time with him afterwards is so much more special. Plus, we feel that Primrose has already been good for him and we are already seeing good changes in him {refer to sleep - below}.
  • Stats: we had Cruz's two month check up yesterday with Dr. Shidler. He weighs a whopping 11lbs. 6ozs {47 percentile}, is 23 3/4 inches long {76 percentile} and his noggin comes in at 15 3/4 {51 percentile}. Dr. Shidler referred us to Omaha Physical Therapy for his Torticollis and we are going on Monday {wish us luck!}.  He also got his first shots yesterday - one in the left leg and two in the right. I cannot tell you how hard this little guy cried, but shortly afterwards he had worn himself out and took a big nap before we dropped him off at school.  He is currently wearing size 0-3 month clothes {sleepers, etc} but is still in newborn pants because of his skinny little waist and legs.
    At the doctor - waiting for his check-up
  • Eating:  he's wolfing down anywhere from 4-5ozs. When he eats too quickly or doesn't get a big enough burp out, he spits up. He's also dealt with having a sore tummy this month and we were told to give him gripe water as needed to calm it down and this seems to help.
  • Sleeping:  for the first three weeks of this month, Cruz's was only sleeping about 2 hours 15 minutes in between feedings at night, which was tough! This week, though, his sleep has been so much better! I tell you they must really wear him out at day care because he is sleeping so much better through the night!  We usually feed him around 9pm or so and then he sleeps for about 4 hours before the next feeding. Last night he slept from 10pm to 4:30am - it was awesome.
  • Developments:  my favorite development this month has been that he's started to smile! Oh, how I love his big, gummy grins, especially the first of the morning smiles that melt my heart. He is so alert and stays up during the day much longer than month one. He likes to interact with us and loves hearing when we use our high pitch voices to talk with him. We play "so big" with him and spend time on his tummy. He also was read his first book this month {Ooink!} and loved looking at the brightly colored pictures. He follows  voices in the room as well as objects with his eyes even if he can't clearly see them when they are more than a 12 inches or so from his face. Just yesterday, Dr. Laura at Primrose showed us how to have him inchworm {lay him on his tummy, up on his knees and put your hand behind his feet - he kicks off and inches forward - it's too cute!}.
  • Features:  Cruz has really good skin and such good coloring. He hasn't really lost any of his hair and is still rocking his signature "rullet" {receding hairline, mullet} look and it's getting longer. His eyes are still dark blue and fortunately the "crossing" is subsiding, which is good news. I know that they all say it will, but it's shocking to watch the poor little guy when he tries to focus on an object and his eyes full on cross. His body is catching up and now it doesn't seem as if his feet and hands are so big.
Happy two months, Cruzer!

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