Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Baby Boy: Eight Weeks Old

Cruzer is 8 weeks old and it brings many emotions - I'm so happy and thankful that we have a healthy baby boy who is so much fun to be around, but it also signals the end of my maternity leave and being able to spend all day with him and watch as he continues to grow and change every day. I'm going to miss our morning snuggle time and lounging in our PJs for hours each day, but that will make it all the more special when we get home from work to spend all the time with him we can.

  • Sleep patterns haven't changed. He eats 4 ounces every 3 hours...plus he eats for about 45 minutes (such a grazer!) so our time in between feedings doesn't allow for much sleep.
  • His head continues to get stronger - he's even able to sit up better in his chair and keep his head up when he's on your shoulder or during tummy time.

  • Daddy continues to struggle when dressing him and I think its the cutest thing. One night this week I woke up for my middle of night feeding and his sleeper was halfway open and buttons were buttoned incorrectly...he always seems to struggle with the baby Gap sleepers! Another day Nick did me a favor by getting him changed when I was at a doctor's appointment. I came home to Nick having put Cruz in the sleeper he wore when we brought him home from the hospital! Way too small....poor Cruz looked like a little sausage stuffed into that outfit.
  • Cruz & I read his first book this week - "OOINK!" by Charles Reasoner - and he loved the colors of the pictures and the sounds that mommy made for the animal noises. Each time we read the book it only lasted about two times through and he got bored. I think its time to move onto a new book!

Happy 8 weeks Little Mango!


  1. Happy 8 weeks Cruz!

    Tory recommends Moo Baa Lalala ... it's just short enough to keep her attention and she loves the animal sounds :)

    1. I will have to pick that up! I also hear Barnyard Dance is a good one too. I have been laughing at my "animal sounds" - I just don't have it down yet and for some reason I don't ever remember not being able to neigh or baa and it sounding so weird!


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