Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Baby Boy: Seven Weeks Old

Celebrating the New Year!

My how the time flies, our little guy is already seven weeks old! I love spending all of this time with him, getting to know him more and seeing his personality come out with every day. Cruz is a very happy baby. He sleeps well and rarely cries, unless he's hungry and thats when the wails start.

  • Cruz loves spending time on his floor gym - his favorite part is able to check himself out in the mirror. He also spends a lot of time under there wriggling his arms and legs like crazy. It's only a matter of time before he figures out how to control those limbs.
Loves looking in the mirror
  • He loves spending time in his car seat and stroller - it seems to be very calming to him and puts him right to sleep - which helps make our shopping trips very enjoyable!
  • Gas has plagued little man this week and we've given him gas drops to help ease the pain. I can't quite tell if the drops are helping yet but we are going to keep giving them a try.
  • We continue to work on "tummy time" and can see Cruz's neck getting stronger all the time. He really seems to like spending time on his little tummy, especially when he gets a back rub.
  • Cruz is spending much more time awake during the day. We love being able to interact with him more often, but all of the awake time seems to result in him getting extremely tired and fighting sleep later on.
  • Maya continues to be great with Cruz...which is such a relief. My favorite thing about her is in the middle of the night when I'm feeding Cruz in the nursery and I hear her squeeze out of our bedroom door and walk across the floor to come find us. All she does is peek in to make sure we're both there and then heads out the doggy door or straight back to bed. She is very protective of this little guy.
Cruz's protector, Maya
  • Cruz had his first Iowa Hawkeye football experience on Friday night for the bowl game...unfortunately the Hawks lost, but Cruz looked pretty darn cute cheering them on!

  • Our goal for this week is to work on a sleep schedule, as I'm heading back to work I want to try for more consistency in his sleeping patterns to help him and me.
Happy 7 weeks of life, Little Mango!!

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