Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Holidays (part three)

Our last leg of the holiday tour took us to Omaha to spend Christmas day with the hubby's dad and our Omaha family. We lucked out and the weather was great, so the drive was easy, plus our happy little traveler slept the entire way.

We ran home quickly so the hubs could shower and I could get the last of Grammy's Christmas present (I had gotten an earlier email notification that morning that it had arrived and was sitting on my doorstep). I loaded up the wine bag with more red and off north we headed.

Everyone was excited to catch up with little man and see how his Christmases have been - and we had to get some photos of our dapper looking guy!

Dominic, Cruz, uncle Mook

Uncle Kyle w/ our stylish little guys

Nanu & his boys

My handsome little guy

Posing by the tree - Dom's face is priceless!
After dinner, everyone wanted to see the progress Cruz was making with walking, so we all sat around the living room helping him practice and encouraging him along the way. He is so close - I know he will be walking at any time!

This weekend was all about trying to walk - w/ uncle Kyle

Cruz & auntie Morgan

Action shot - mouth open and everything

Standing on his own

All tuckered out - trying to work is TOUGH work

Sure he looks like an angel, but he is all boy and has a bit of the devil in him

Then we headed downstairs for presents - it was amazing how many presents we had for three little kiddos. They were all so excited as we alternated between each of them and they tore through the wrapping paper.  Cruz was spoiled by so many - new Little People Super Heroes set from Dom, books, clothes, cell phone toy, Mickey Mouse plate/bowl/glass/silverware set, money for his savings (such a great idea!).  We also did a gift exchange for the women and the men and I got a cute array of Morgan's favorite things (cuticle cream, berry holders, a candle) AND my Pampered Chef order from Carly had come in so that was just like a present. I'm REALLY excited about my new salad tongs, colander and baking cooling rack (not sure when this will get used, but it looked pretty cool!).

Super Dominic!

Opening presents

Britt modeling the Booty Pop panties I got her :)

We really had an amazing Christmas! Spending time with our families is always treasured and this year by far was better than the rest with our little toddler. Merry Christmas to all!

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  1. that adorable red sweater and converse have him looking SO grown up!


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