Thursday, December 27, 2012

First Haircut

Our little raggedy Andy finally got his hair cut. It has been a long time coming and I cannot believe how long we let it get before bringing him's especially evident in this first picture compared to how dapper our little man looks now! And just in time for the holidays.

Of course his first hair cut had to be a special one and no one but my stylist, Ricky, would be allowed to touch his mane. :)   Ricky was so great with Cruz and little man did so well in the chair...he was so interested in what Ricky was doing that he barely moved an inch the entire time. Oh, and how handsome does he look now?

Before Pic: shaggy McShaggerson
Side view of the length

Cruz loved being in front of the mirror and watching the action

Ricky was so patient with him...and smart! The combs definitely kept his attention. 

Getting our hair cut makes us "so big!"

Our little cheeseball

Helping Ricky with his hair

Finished product - what a handsome little boy

And a couple Instagram shots!



  1. cutie pie!!! avrie's wild child hair needs a trim too, but i just cant bring myself to do it yet!

    whats your IG name, find me @ ajsonnekmn

    1. I just requested you on IG...check me out @lifeinmyheels. I also started another blog on - not focused on my kiddo like this is - something a bit diff. check it out!

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