Wednesday, December 12, 2012

How Very Different We Are

Does everyone out there know what this is?

I'm pretty sure most people in the United States of America do...except for my husband.  I have to giggle at some of the things he doesn't know or deal with having never worked in corporate America.

We received some papers in the mail the other day from our accountant and it was a relatively large pile of them so they were bound guessed it, a binder clip. As we were looking through them, I took the binder clip off and once we were done, Nick picked it up and was messing with it.

"How in the hell do you work this thing?" he asked.

"Work what thing?" was my reply.

"This black thing that was holding these papers together."

"You mean, the binder clip? You're kidding, right?"

Nope. He wasn't kidding. He proceeded to fumble with it for a couple minutes while I stood watching in amazement. Shocked that as smart as he is, he couldn't figure out how this device would ever get back on our pile of papers. And then I grabbed it from him and proceeded to slowly bend back the silver parts, squeeze and attach.

Now was his turn to be amazed.

"That thing is awesome!"

Yes, honey, it is. It really is...

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