Sunday, December 16, 2012

Online Dating...Kind Of

I've always wondered what it would be like to online date. The anticipation of whether or not someone will seek you out based on your profile, want to start chatting and potentially meet up for a date, the feeling of rejection, being ignored, etc. Lord knows I am not saying I wish I were back in the saddle and dating again...I couldn't even imagine how terrible that would be.

And, well obviously, I love my hubby.

What I'm trying to say is that right now I feel like I'm somewhat online dating. Why, you ask? Because we have joined a website in search of a nanny for little man.

We officially pulled Cruz from daycare last week - gave them our "two weeks" even though he hasn't been there for four weeks - and now I'm in "full speed ahead" mode to find the right person to take care of our special little guy.

I signed us up on and started doing tons of research. I messaged a couple of nannies that seemed to fit our profile and then the wait was on. I kept refreshing my email account to see if I had any bites...nothing....nothing....and then BAM! I received messages not only from those I had reached out to, but also a ton of others. Fortunately we've found some that may have potential and that we're excited about, so I'm working on getting interviews set up.

Out of those that have reached out there are definitely some "absolutely nots" and many who I wouldn't consider to watch my lawn, let alone the best thing in my life: Cruz.

Here are some deal breakers in my eyes, some may be superficial, but I have my reasons:
  • If you don't have any reviews or aren't willing to give any references, I'm not willing to spend a second longer with you. This is my child we are talking about.
  • If you're slooooowww to respond to a message. If it takes you more than 72 hours to respond to my message and there is no valid reason in your response, no thank you. We work very quickly around here and need our nanny to do the same.
  • If you can't spell or have major grammatical errors in your message to me - not just talking about one here & there that could be a case of fat fingers on a keyboard - but errors where it's obvious you don't know the proper use of a word or how to spell it...I'm not going to consider you...ever. How would I expect you to be able to teach my child if you couldn't learn yourself.
We are hoping our interviews go well this week and we find something that will fit well for our family and who Cruz will adore.


  1. I'll send you an email with my set of interview questions I used for our search. I also used Care both times and we had great success. Hang in there! You'll find someone great.

  2. I am excited to hear how this turns out! We still have no idea what we are going to do with our little girl! Is price comparable to daycare?

  3. P.s. Your deal breakers are dead on! =)

  4. i used as well and found someone great that comes to watch avrie while i am working during the day, a couple times a week. i think the site is REALLY great and very credible. and yes, we too... have had the "i dont think so, you will NOT be watching my kid" moments. ;)

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