Saturday, December 15, 2012

13 Months Old!

Well, since his last monthly post (ONE YEAR!), we've graduated from the (boring) Gap white sleepers and I'm allowing little man to be his own person and show some clothing style! =)  Yes, the monthly posts are back...but, no worries, you don't have to sit through ALL of those darn (cute) weekly posts.

What's New With Cruz:
  • Teeth: This boy has six chompers total and his top two teeth have the most adorable gap between them. My heart melts when I get a big, toothy grin out of him.
  • First Birthday: We had his First Birthday party at Dave & Buster's this past month and it was such a great day. Read more about it: here.

  • Talking: Our little guy is talking up a storm! He says da-da and ma-ma. "Hot" - Gma D taught him this! - when he sees a cup of coffee, his bottle in the microwave or is near the stove. Moo, as in "what does a cow say?" More at the same time as he's signing for "more" and a lot of other stuff that we simply cannot understand.
  • Signing: He is also signing! It started with "more" and boy does he use this one a ton...more food, more drink, more more more. He also signs "please" and sometimes we will get a "thank you" from him. I also feel like he has sometimes signed "milk" but since it's so close to his wave "bye bye" that it's not always clear. Plus, I can just about guarantee you he's signed other things, but his parents just aren't smart enough to realize what he's trying to say!
  • Walking: This kid seriously will be walking any day! He is cruising along furniture with ease and has even stood on his own for a few seconds at a time. When we try to get him to walk from one of us to the other - secretly intending to let go - he seems to sense this and squeezes our fingers/hands for dear life! I know this will happen soon, I just selfishly hope it doesn't happen for the first time when we're not with him.

  • Pointing: I will tell you this, having a "pointer" is pretty handy. He points toward what he wants, where he wants to go and now can easily point to "da-da" "ma-ma" and "puppy/Maya" when asked.
  • Responds to Questions: Cruzer comes in for a kiss when asked "give me kisses," holds up one finger when asked "how old are you," and turns off a light switch when asked.
  • Tantrum: I have seen the start of what tantrums will be like with this kid and I don't like it, not one bit. If you pick him up when he doesn't want to be picked up or try to change his diaper when he doesn't want it changed, his body goes stiff and he starts a-screaming. It is not a pretty site and definitely not something I want to occur...ever again...especially in public, but I have a feeling that I don't have much say in this matter.
  • Cooking: you know I use this word lightly - because this girl doesn't cook - but when I'm in the kitchen making dinner, Cruz loves to cook with me or help me out. He loves stirring things in bowls, mixing his milk in his toys, anything where he feels like he's just like us.

  • Sick: sickness plagued our little man this past month. His Hand, Foot & Mouth from late October gave way to later cases of RSV, his first ear infection since tubes, another sinus infection and many fevers. Which as a result has caused us to pull him from daycare and over the past few weeks he's been out - he has been great! Finally!
  • Daycare: Cruz is officially a daycare dropout. He has been out for 4+ weeks first recovering from his sickness, but now just to maintain his health. And he's been feeling so great. We are on the hunt for a nanny now, but in the meantime have had our family helping out...we are so very lucky to have our family and couldn't have made it through all of this and this past year without them. 

Happy 13 months, little toddler!

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