Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Holiday Angels

This year I'm super excited about our Holiday Angels families. In the past Nick & I have sponsored at least one family each year - usually through Angels Among Us that I'm involved with - and we aren't making an exception to it this year, except that I'm excited to bring Cruz into the mix and get him somewhat involved.

So, on Sunday little man and I bundled up - ha! no need to bundle up because it was 60 DEGREES! - and shopped until we dropped.

I had been waiting to hear from our office manager about the family...she is a single mama of three little ones - ages 5, 3 and 2. And their list was just too sweet, so I had to get basically everything on it. I can't imagine being in a place where I cannot buy presents for my family or give them what they need to get by in the chilly winter weather (and I pray we are never in that place), but I've always thought that if you have something to spare (anything to spare!), then you need to do what's right. And I just love shopping for these families and trying to help make their Christmas a bit brighter.

We started with these little cuties:
Christmas wish list
Landon- age 2
He loves Tonka trucks. He is always playing with them at daycare and I think he would really love to have one at home.
He needs snow boots size 8
He could really use some kind of tote or something to store his books in or on. 
Train table.

Kiahna- age 5
She really wants one of those unicorn dream light pillows.
She too needs snow boots size 13.
She would also like a jewelry box for her earrings.
Underwear size 6

Aubrey- age3
Interactive dora the explore dvd set.
backpack with dora the explorer on it.
She too needs boots size 8
She needs shirts size 3t
a play vanity.
underwear size 3t.

I need of a Christmas tree

I could never thank you guys enough for all the help your kind hearts provide me and my family with. Thank you so very much. 

We are hoping to deliver the gifts and tree to them in Lincoln tomorrow night, since the hubs and I decided to take Cruz to the Creighton - Nebraska basketball game. It will be his first game AND he is finally feeling like himself so we want to take advantage of the nice weather and have a fun little family outing!

What fun traditions do you have that help give back during the holiday season?

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