Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Weekend In Photos

It's amazing what fun one family can have when their littlest family member is healthy!

We were hooked up with some great tickets to the Creighton vs. Nebraska basketball game on Thursday night in Lincoln - 2nd row behind the media bench. Nothing like getting to spend your first basketball game  with some pretty amazing seats! He was so good the entire night and put on a show for the other fans. Creighton came away for the win...so that made the night even better. 

After a quick trip to Grand Island on Friday night w/ my favorite Irish friend, I hightailed it back to Omaha Saturday morning for some work and then the hubs and I drove back home to catch up with my family to finish celebrating my niece DeLaney's 2nd birthday. 

We planned to meet for dinner before my nephew Blake's game, but time got away from us and we found ourselves at Chick-fil-A. I was nervous if I would even be able to eat that little nuggety goodness (if you recall from my preggo days - Chick-fil-A has always been my fave food of all time, until I became preggers and the smell and thought greatly repulsed me), BUT I was able to eat them and actually enjoyed them! It definitely wasn't the same as in the past, but still delish.

Afterwards we hit up the Sioux City East basketball game and watched them sneak by South Sioux City...barely. Cruzer loved night #2 of basketball!

After me having passed out early Saturday night while putting little man to bed and missing out on all of the drinking and games, I was geared up for some fun on Sunday - ready to celebrate the holidays with my dad's side of the family at my parent's house. It was a day filled with eating, drinking, game playing and more eating...and boy oh boy did I ever eat! My leggings barely fit at the end of the day...yes, my LEGGINGS! 

Time to start the diet back up on Monday...

Our true day off, with no major plans. Little man and I woke up bright and early and played our little hearts out. He learned how to play hide n' seek...and it was such a blast. After daddy woke up, I hit up the gym and got some sun - ok, some much needed UV rays. We brought Maya over to our co-workers for a play date (more to come on that in a later post) and headed to the mall for some returns and to meet Santa!

The visit with Santa ended up being a bust due to an extremely long line and two very impatient parents, so we saw the jolly big fellow from afar and considered our visit with him good. OMGoodness...I'm such a bah humbug this year!

What a whirlwind weekend...but oh so much fun with our fam!

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