Sunday, December 2, 2012

Husker Football Game

(Yet another long, overdue post.)

Yes, you read that right, the hubs and I attended not just one, but two Husker football games this year in the suite, courtesy of my workplace. I'm sure you remember that this family leaned toward the black & gold Iowa Hawkeyes in years past, however, there may be a slight change to our team preference (dude, I just follow along with who Nick cheers for...makes it easier!) because the hubby wants to raise little man a Husker fan being that we hail from Nebraska and all.

So this family rooted on the Red & White all season. Unfortunate that this comes off a rough Husker loss last night in the B1G 10 Championship game.

Releasing the balloons after a Husker touchdown
(Minimal this year due to the helium shortage)

Yup, we considered this a date night....even while I was "working"

W/ Marc & Britt at Memorial Stadium

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