Saturday, December 1, 2012

Cruz As Of Late

I've been fortunate to spend a lot of time with little man as of late, but unfortunately most of the time has been time off work to help get him back to being healthy. Yes, the little monster has been sick again - I'm sure you all are as tired of reading about this as I am at talking about typing it. 

This most recent bout has included quite a bit. It started with Hand, Foot & Mouth in early November (which he got over just in time for his big birthday party), then the day after his bday he had coughing, wheezing and vomiting (found out it was RSV - the 6th time he's had it & by far the worst bout of it) and went through Thanksgiving. Just as we thought he was on the mend, he was at my sister's for the day and had ear wax draining from his ear, we brought him to the doctor this past Tuesday and, yep, another ear infection (his 7th). He still didn't seem better and his cough was getting worse, so Thursday morning I brought him back into the doctor and they said he had a sinus infection. 


Finally after many meds, cuddles, steam showers, breathing treatments, sleepless nights, crying,...he seems to be getting better. Thank you dear Lord. The past two nights he has slept through the night (fingers crossed) even if it was in our bed the entire night (whatever helps him sleep). His cough has subsided for the most part. There haven't been many sneezes where thick, gooey gobs of greenish-yellow snot comes oozing out of his nose and down into his mouth and onto his chin. His overall mood seems better. His appetite is back. And he just looks healthier.

The hubs and I are about at our wits end trying to figure out how to end this madness. Why is he always sick? I know kiddos get sick and especially if they are in daycare, but this is pure craziness. 

So...our next goal is to find a nanny or a really small in-home daycare ran by someone we know. While I will miss Primrose, because I do think it's a really great school and I love the interaction he has with the other kids, we just cannot risk him being around so many other kiddos as we are entering the time of year where major illness occurs. He just gets sick easier than most and it impacts him worse than just a common cold.

Enough of this sickness talk...and onto the cute star of this blog, Cruzer. My lack of posts means a major photo bomb (reminder!) for you all now.

Trying milk in the sippy cup...not much made it in his mouth, but the toys were covered in it!

Showing off his Shevy's t-shirt (rep'in our friend's business!) and restless nights (I believe this was about 3am or 4am one night last week - the boy would not give in to sleep)

My favorite time...cuddling with my sleeping baby boy

Ran to the mall...and this was his "I'm pooping" look.
He was pushing and grunting like crazy!

Ears dripping with ear wax (look closely) and spots all over his shoulder...gross
(Guess the tubes are doing their job)

 Showing off - "how old are you, Cruz?"

Waking up in mama & dada's bed w/ his puppy

Finally eating again! Nanu's special sauce...

...and a little treat, an oreo, with mama!

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  1. Katie - I hope things improve with his health. Makes be tired just reading your post. The pictures are great - love seeing how grown up he is getting. One day you will look back and wonder how you did it - thank god your are young!



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