Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Letters Virgin

I've been wanting to take a little stab at the Friday Letters bandwagon that I've seen on so many other blogs I adore.  So here goes...

Dear Elf on the Shelf: I.HEART.YOU. Whoever came up with this ingenious idea to create a stinkin' cute little elf that shows up before Christmas to keep your kiddos in check deserves a great big bear hug. AND to one of my fave sites, Pinterest, for showcasing creative ways mamas are setting up their elves, I thank you.

Dear Cruz: the "unrolling the toilet paper in mommy's bathroom every morning" move that was once (and by once I literally mean ONE time) cute and hilarious has now become extremely annoying. Please refrain from doing this effective immediately.

Dear Marilyn: I'm not sure how I have missed this perfectly fit quote throughout my years prior to now, but now that I've discovered it, I'm in L.O.V.E. My friends, you may see this all over everything I own.

Dear Grandparents: each of you have been a MAJOR help this week in lending a hand and a watchful eye over our little guy. To my parents who drove two hours Tuesday night to spend that night while I did some work and the following day with Cruzer AND woke up in the middle of the night when you heard the cries he was giving me, took over and told me to go to bed - thank you so very much. To Nanu and Grammy for coming through in the clutch to watch little man today so the hubs and I could get some work done AND to Nanu for whipping up some of his Sicilian sauce so Cruz and I had a yummy meal for dinner tonight - you both rock. And to Grandma Carol for making the trek down here tomorrow because you just want to spend time with our boy and allow us to do our thing (me: work; hubby: spend time with friends), you are appreciated. We love you all so much.

Dear Nails: we've had a love-hate relationship for so many years and I've been very mean to you, biting you down to nubs, destroying you with acrylic, etc, etc. I'm waving a white flag here. I want to grow you out and have pretty, long, un-bitten, adult nails. So all I'm asking of you? Grow, damn you, grow!

Dear Hubby: thank you for consoling our little coughing monkey in the middle of last night while I pretending to be sleeping. I needed a full night's sleep and was uber productive at work today because of it.

Dear Christmas Decorations: please put yourself up this weekend. I do not enjoy dragging you out of storage every year, lugging you upstairs, listening to festive music and decorating. Never really have and I doubt I ever really will. So please, do me and my family a favor and help me out here. And while you're at it, take yourselves down on January 2nd. Please and a very sincere thank you.

Happy Friday to all you normal folk out there. My "Friday" isn't until tomorrow and then I have Sunday and part of Monday off.  Cheers!


  1. Dear Katie: Please remember in about 5 years you will look back at this crazy time, and that's all it will be, a crazy time. The laundry will always get done and there will always be time for a good workout in the future. we love you and are all here for you! Remember, you are human and can only do so much.

  2. great job at your first friday letters post, i do these from time to time and it's a great way to gather your thoughts before a busy weekend ;) enjoy sunday and part of monday off!

    p.s. it was also funny ONCE when avrie got into a box of tampons... now it's incredibly ANNOYING! haha


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