Monday, November 12, 2012

Show & Tell: Cold Weather Activities

Linking up with From Mrs to Mama for another Show & Tell. This week: Cold Weather Activities

1. Tell us what you like to do when it's cold outside.
I'm not a huge fan of cold weather - if I had the choice I'm so much more of a hot weather girl. BUT I live in Nebraska and it's hot as long as it is cold...and the weather can change at a moment's notice.  For example, it was 75 degrees Saturday and Sunday dropped to a very chilly 28 degrees with frost on the ground.

However, when it gets cold outside all I think about is that it's true football weather. And, while I missed our Hawkeye football trip in October, I have made it to two Husker games at Memorial Stadium.  There is nothing like watching a football game in person versus TV...which is all my hubby likes to do this time of year.

2. Tell us some of your favorite "winter" recipes.
Haha...this is funny.  I am not a cook, nor do I claim to be one. I suppose though I do have some favorite, relatively easy items to make that I crave when the weather starts changing - chili (found a recipe for Wendy's chili online...delish) and homemade chicken noodle soup.

3. Show a picture of something that makes you think of the cold.
Cold weather dressing....long cardigans, leggings and boots.

4. Tell us /show us some of your favorite accessories/outfits for the winter.
Refer to pic above. Tall boots are a MUST. Leggings are a staple. Tunics and long cardis are perfection. Throw on an over-sized scarf or long necklace and I'm good to go.

5. Tell us if you had the option of snow or no snow, what would you pick?
Can I choose one month of light snow and mild cold around the holidays?? That would be my ideal. Otherwise, no snow. Brrr...I hate being cold.

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