Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What the Croup!

I feel as though I just started a recent post similar to this, but I can't help saying "our little guy just can't catch a break."

Last night after picking Cruz up from day care he just wasn't himself. He seemed tired and very fussy. He ate his bottle and peas as normal, but nothing seemed to make him happy. Not even the tried and true "I'm a little monkey, ooh ooh, aah aah" song that we've made up & gets a smile every.single.time. We tried sitting up in his Bumbo playing with his toys {working on that coordination and he is getting so good at sitting up!}, he took a ride in the Baby Bjorn {best invention ever & I think they look COOL} and even took a little nap on daddy, yet none of it seemed to get him out of his funk...

Bumbo chairs are awesome

He just loves riding around in his Baby Bjorn

My two guys - I love pics of them lying together - too cute
...until we figured out what was wrong. Around 11:30pm{we were both in a deep sleep by then} he woke up with a barking cough and wheezing. He was very congested so I tried sucking out his boogs but they seemed to be deeper in his chest than normal & I couldn't get to them. We quickly hooked up his breathing treatment and gave him a dose of Albuterol. It didn't seem to work so we called the after hours nurse at Boys Town. After walking us through many different questions, she determined Cruz had Croup and recommended 20 minutes in the steam room {bathroom}. She also recommended a trip to our doc in the morning.

We finally got little man to bed after about three hours and he slept until early morning, just in time for another steam shower. I headed off to work and left the boys to spend a sick day together, but cut out early to make his afternoon doctor's appointment. Cruz's doc confirmed he had Croup and warned us it could be bad again tonight but also hooked us up with a steroid he will take for the next three days that should help his vocal chords shrink and fix his breathing and coughing.

Sick little guy - love that we still get smiles out of him  even when he's sick
We've got three days to figure out if it's going to be worse. Fortunately during the day today he seemed to be feeling better, and while he was a tad crabby tonight, I think it was due to just not feeling like himself.

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  1. Poor Cruz - is he picking these respiratory problem from daycare? Good to see him smiling. Glad to hear that the "helmet" is working out. Perhaps with time he will grow out of these aliments. Keep up the good parenting!!



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