Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Since We've Been Back...

Since we've been back home from our trip, little man has been growing and learning like crazy! I can't believe how different he is every day - his development is on overdrive these days and it's so fun to watch him grow right in front of our eyes.He's sitting up {30 seconds to a minute on his own}, using a sippy cup and has been grabbing the spoons from us to "feed" himself.

Doctor's appointment: fever & swollen eye from ear medication
{Check out the red marks from his helmet - looks a little rough just after taking it off!}

Sitting up - what a big boy!
The Grandmas worked really hard on this while we were gone.

He's always trying to pull his socks off...and shoes?! Don't get me started on shoes.

Sippy cup! We introduced this on Tuesday and he had it down by Wednesday

Grabbing the spoon from us: evidently he can do it better

Cruz has been such an amazing baby - Nick and I are the luckiest parents that he has blessed us by being a calm, low-maintenance {at least as far as babies are concerned}, happy and {for the most part} healthy baby boy.

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