Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Day In The Life (Work Week)

I'm jumping on the A Day in the Life bandwagon that my friend {and blog-spiration} Heather over at Live Inside My Bubble has done a few times, most recently documenting an entire week {I swear she's a crazy woman}. Now onto the mundane, not-so-glamorous life of a new mother living in Omaha, Nebraska...

12:05am - shut down my laptop and headed to bed. Yesterday had been a busy day and I had to get caught up on some work, which is the only reason I would possibly stay up until midnight.

5:30am - alarm sounds. I need to go for a run this morning, but it's not light out yet. Snooze until 6am...

6am - alarm sounds again. Snooze.

6:09am - alarm sounds yet again and yet again I hit snooze one more time, even though it is light outside by this point, I'm just tired...and lazy. And don't get me started on a 9-minute snooze. What's the point? Just give me a straight 10 minutes of extra sleep, people!

6:18am - alarm sounds and I'm up and at em. I check a few work emails from my phone as well as my Gmail account. Our air conditioning stopped working last night {of course this happens on a day it's 90 degrees, not one where it's 65 degrees}, so I go in to check on little man. Normally we have him in a sleeper at night and sometimes even run his heater, but not last night. It was a short-sleeved onesie night for sure.

All over the place in his crib these days
7:04am - I'm out at Lake Zorinsky and have to say excited about my run because the weather is gorgeous. Plus it's much, much cooler than my house was this morning.  Please try and convince me why I would want to run on a treadmill in my basement or at the gym again??

Love the view
7:50am - finished my run in decent time and sweating like a pig...not hot at all!

Sorry gents, this gal's taken {I know hard to believe!}

7:55am - I pull back into the garage and I'm disappointed as the garage door lifts and Nick's truck is gone. That means my baby is gone and I won't get any kisses before daycare. Oh well.

8am - I get a text from the hubby that said he and Cruzer stopped by Lake Z to see me on their way to daycare. Bummer! I'm not sure how I missed his truck as I was driving home. So he sent me a pic of our little cutie instead.

Love those big baby blues

8:30am - breakfast time

Skim milk, two hard boiled eggs & a banana

9:30am - driving into work and Tim McGraw's 'Don't Take The Girl' came on. I LOVE this song and it is a surefire guarantee that I will cry. It always brings tears to my eyes, but even more so since I've become a mama.

10am - had to get my morning 32 oz Diet Mt. Dew. Yes, I'm that ridiculous that I drink a big DMD every single morning. And only fountain...I'm also that picky.

This is one habit I've got to kick

10:05am - my workday has started {besides the emails I did earlier this morning} a lot later than normal because I knew I needed to get a workout in before work since we are going out to dinner later tonight. I knocked out a meeting with a co-worker, an advertising conference call, more emails, itinerary for Bill Cosby's arrival as well as a phone call with the man himself. He is quite the character.

12:15pm - lunchtime at my desk. I've been trying to workout all week and eat better and I've actually been somewhat successful. Compared to my norm - you know, telling myself every Sunday night that I'm going to start eating better on Monday and that lasts all of one meal... My lunch this week has consisted of cottage cheese & peaches and turkey, BUT I'm feeling crazy today and changed it up a bit. I'm having turkey and fresh veggies w/ a Greek yogurt dip. I was also able to update the blog quickly during this time and look up places for dinner tonight - I want to try some place that we've never been.

Turkey lunch meat, veggies & dip
12:45pm - the afternoon consisted of more meetings and emails as well as working on a couple of projects. One of my meetings was about the concert cove and was outdoors - I love outdoor meetings when the weather is gorgeous! I didn't get a pic of what I wore to work before leaving the house, so I snuck in a picture during a bathroom break...awesome. Ok, so here's the deal, its impossible for me not to smile during a picture...I don't quite have a "serious" face. This is one reason I could never have become a model {uh yeah, THAT'S the only reason. Ha}.

Rockin' the leopard print dress

5:30pm - I shut down my computer and loaded my car prepared to hit Friday afternoon traffic on my way to pick up Cruzer from daycare.

6:05pm - arrive at Primrose at a pretty decent time for me, hoping little man isn't the last one there like usual, but of course I walk in and he is. I guess the best part of him being the last one at daycare is that he gets lots of one-on-one time with Miss Olivia and he just adores her!

Ready to get home and dressed up for his big dinner date tonight
6:15pm - swung by the Bottomless Glass bar to meet a couple of my fellow board members from Angels Among Us - they were able to secure some items for Cosby to sign that we can later use in an auction, so I had to pick those up.

6:30pm - walk into the house and unload my bags and little man's stuff. Quickly change and fix myself a bit and then give Cruz his bath and dress him.

7:05pm - out the door headed to dinner.

7:30pm - dinner w/ the crew at Brother Sebastian's. We had been there about 6 or 7 years ago, so were excited to try it again. The hubby & I got there early so we waited in the lounge. Cruz was sleeping, but I decided to be proactive and get a bottle ready for when he woke up. I dug in my bag and found everything BUT a bottle {yeah - mom of the year over here}, so I sent the hubby to Walgreens to snag a bottle before everyone arrived.

He would kill me if he knew I posted this pic :)

Me and my little guy

The hubby and I  hamming it up before everyone arrived

10pm - headed home with a very sleepy baby. When we got home, I threw his PJs on and changed his diaper and off to bed he went. I picked up the house and washed some bottles and then jumped on my laptop to respond to some work stuff.

11pm - off to bed.


  1. Holy cow, lady! How do you function on such little sleep? There's no way I'd be able to stay up that late and be functional the next day.

    I'm also impressed Cruz will hang with you for dinner out at night. Tory would have a full-on meltdown if we were anywhere but her nursery after 7pm. Nice he lets you be so flexible!

    1. Trust me - I usually try to get more sleep, just some days are better than others :) I have to say that is one thing that is so awesome about Cruz - we do dinners with him and our friends quite often - actually twice this past weekend and he's usually chill. I don't think that will be the same necessarily when he gets old and is more mobile, so we are taking advantage of it while we can!


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