Thursday, May 24, 2012

It's A Wrap!

I have been talking for what seems like ages about getting little man's cranial helmet wrapped {here}. Initially our intention was to book a flight to Dallas to hit up the Wrap Buddies monthly Wrap Party where many families bring in their kiddo's helmets to get wrapped professionally and free of charge. We just couldn't get the date to work out, plus airfare was ridiculous and we didn't want only one of us to go on the trip {Cruzer's first plane ride as well} to get it wrapped, so we kept checking out our options.

We were ultimately referred to Signs Plus+ Graphics in Sioux Falls, SD. They recently became a Wrap Buddies partner and had never wrapped a cranial helmet {we were their first!} but after talking to Roger and his team we were sold. So we loaded up the car and made the trek to Sioux Falls on a Monday...and I'm so glad we did it.

All in it took about three hours each way to drive and only an hour to get the helmet wrapped. Roger took many pictures to post on their Facebook site and gave us loads of business cards to pass out to other parents. We can't sing their praises enough and are so appreciative of their generosity. Now when his cousins talk about his baseball helmet, it really looks like one!

Driving to Sioux Falls
He did fantasy baseball The. Entire. Way. There.

Smiley boy at lunch - waiting for his helmet to  get wrapped

The finished product
A huge THANK YOU to Signs Plus Graphics!
Check out how realistic the stitching looks

All smiles in his newly decorated helmet...

...and, yes, I'm sitting in the back seat with him on the way home....
so I can take pictures and send them out to the fam!


  1. Dear Cruz,

    Your helmet looks SO awesome! (and you have awesome parents too!!)

    Preston the puggle and Nolan

  2. Just found out about this great opportunity for our wrap studio to give back. Signed up with Wrap Buddies today. So anyone looking in the Northern Illinois/Chicago/Milwaukee area check us out at and we can set up a free wrap appointment.


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