Sunday, May 13, 2012

Our Little Guy: Six Months Old

Little Mango is SIX months old!

What has Cruz been up to?

  • Big News: I have to say we got the best news about our little man's cranial remolding helmet. Cruzer just had his 1 month check-up and his noggin' grew so much in that first month. He started off at 12 1/2mm off which was considered severe and after his 1 month scan he is down to 5 1/2mm off - 7mm change in just one month! We are praying for continued growth so that his time in the helmet is limited and hopefully he can get it off before it gets too hot out.  He has also been laughing so much this month - his daddy gets the biggest laughs from him, but I've been known to get a couple myself. I guess I'm just not as funny as the hubby {ha!}. The worst news is little man was sick two different times this month - once with RSV/ear infection and another with Croup. Fortunately, he's doing much better. Cruz experienced his first Kentucky Derby, outdoor soccer and baseball games {supporting his cousins!}, many dinners out with family & friends, and two whole nights alone with daddy while his mama traveled for work.
"Just fixin' my melon. Not quite ripe."

Watching soccer

Dante's Pizza with mama & daddy

  • Eating:  Our little guy loves himself some food! He is consistently eating 7.5oz every three hours when he's awake {maybe that's what helps him sleep so well at night!} and we've introduced solids this month as well. He started off with 1/2 a container of veggies at night, graduated quickly to a full container and then we also started a container of fruit each morning. His favorites are squash, sweet potatoes, green beans, apples and bananas. I'm excited to get his updated stats from his 6 month check-up because I know he has to have grown and there is no way he's below average these days! 
Yep - pants are unbuttoned
  • Sleeping:  When he isn't sick, Cruz is the best sleeper I know. He has been sleeping through the night and takes naps so well throughout the day. We generally put him down between 8pm-9pm.  Since last month he has been in his crib every night and I just love checking in on him or waking up to him in different positions every time! He is moving all over that crib in his sleep and has even been sleeping on his tummy from time to time.

  • Developments:  Little man is weighing in at 18lbs 9oz (65%) these days and continues to grow. He is 27 3/4 inches long (86%) and his head is 72%. He is rolling over all the time, but still cannot get back onto his tummy from his back - we are working diligently on this. :) Toward the end of the month we really focused on sitting up because he had been doing so well in his Bumbo and now he's able to sit up unsupported when his hands are on the floor in front of him. Any day now he will be sitting up on his own - I'm very excited for this but also a bit nervous because all of the other helmet mommies have told me their little ones fall back on their head on purpose because it doesn't hurt with the helmet, but once they get the helmet off and try it, they don't fare too well! One of my favorite things is when I'm hovering over him and he grabs my face - it's so sweet.  And best of all he has finally gotten his cute little toes in his mouth and constantly pulls his legs up so he can play with his feet. It's the cutest thing. And, finally, the Baby Bjorn has become our go-to around the house - I love having my arms free to do chores and he loves checking out the sites from up high. 
You lookin' at me?

Ridin' in style

  • Features: Our baby is finally getting chubby! He has little rolls near his wrists and ankles and a cute little double chin. He continues to look like his daddy with his gorgeous baby blues, but there are still times that I think he looks like his cousin, Aaysen, which tells me he looks like my Fuchser side because Ace is all Fuchser! 

Happy 6 months, baby boy!

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