Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Generally, I'm posting about funny things the hubby has said on here, but I can't forget about my nieces and nephews. Often times when we are together, they say the cutest things, but one sticks out that I just have to share.

Last weekend, little man and I went to lunch with Tessa and her kiddos. We had ordered and were waiting for the food to arrive, and while we waited they were working intently on coloring their menus and answering the riddles, etc. I was helping Kayden with his activity and then Dayvaney asked me a question about spelling a word on her menu and while we were discussing it she mentioned it was a "blend." I hadn't heard this before but figured it was the way they were being taught how to spell words and recognize when certain words {this one in particular was "blanket"}. I told her, "Interesting, I didn't know it was called blend, but that makes sense."

So Kayden decided to jump in and matter-of-factly said, "Of course YOU didn't know that, because YOU are a Lutheran."

We all couldn't help but laugh at this remark. He was so serious when he said it! Who would've known religion plays a role into how smart someone is...evidently Catholics are the more intelligent religious group. I really hope that's not what they are learning at St. Pat's.

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