Monday, May 28, 2012

Trip Away From Little Man: New York City (Part #2)

Sunday brought the day the hubby was the most excited for. Besides it being my 31st birthday, it was also the day we planned to go to the afternoon Yankees vs. Reds game at Yankee Stadium. We slept in, got our coffees and made our trek {via the subway} to the Bronx.

It was a gorgeous day and we had great seats. While I was excited for the game, I think I was more excited about the stadium food. Nachos, pretzels, peanuts, beer, hot dogs...what is a girl to eat when there are so many great choices?!

Enjoying a Dunkin Donuts coffee on the way to the game

First thing we see getting off the subway

After the game we picked up some gifts for the Yankee fans of the family {the Lynch kiddos} and then hit up a bar directly across from the stadium. It was packed and exactly the kind of bar I enjoy - somewhat of a dive with a lot of semi-drunk people after a day of baseball watching.

An ice cold Corona after the Yankees loss

The hubby and I - celebrating the big three-one
Later, we hopped back onto the subway and headed down to the Whiskey Bar at the W for a couple more drinks before deciding we needed to figure out dinner. We made reservations at the Waldorf's steakhouse, Bull & Bear, and then went back to our room to get ready. 

Dinner was just ok {I guess if we want a great steak we stick to the Midwest} but we had a good time checking out the old men with their young girls.  Plus, I couldn't have had better company.

Following many glasses of wine and a day spent out in the sun, we were tired and headed back to the room where we splurged on room service ice cream. 

Dinner at Bull & Bear at the Waldorf

My hot man...drinking his whiskey
Monday morning was spent packing up our many new clothes and trying {unsuccessfully} to keep our luggage under the weight limit. We headed to Hale & Hearty Soups {another one of my favs}for breakfast/lunch and then headed to the airport.

This trip was a great getaway and just what the hubby and I needed to reconnect. As much as we missed our little guy, it was so good for us to have some time just the two of us.

My last picture from the trip - the Waldorf Astoria,
directly across from our hotel
{makes me think of "Coming to America"}

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