Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pool Party

These days, those two words send a shudder down my spine...

After our eating and drinking spree in New York, I came back focused to get back into a healthy eating and exercising routine - the goal? Our family Vegas trip at the end of June. A good 30 days to tone up and back off from the wine, cheese and all of those delicious carbs in order to get that bikini worthy bod I've been striving for since having little man {striving for or dreaming of...same thing, right?}.

Imagine my sheer horror when my father-in-law sends out an all-family email last week inviting us to a "pool party" this upcoming weekend. A pool party?! Wait a second...that is only seven short days away {well, now it's only four days}. How am I supposed to get bikini ready by Sunday? I don't have enough willpower to fast or complete a cleanse, so I guess I need to get on the eating healthy bandwagon and make sure I work out every day until the fateful Sunday "pool party."

Wish me luck...


  1. Just sit by me...the beached whale!

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