Friday, May 11, 2012

Kissy Face

My son doesn't have a Facebook page, nor has he ever seen what Facebook looks like, so I want to in the heck does he have the Facebook "kissy face" down so well?  The kissy face, you may ask? I know you've all seen it and you probably know someone on your friends list who takes pictures of themselves making a kissy face into the camera of their iPhone and then posts it for all to see.

But here we were last night doing our 6 month photo shoot in his nursery {yes, you got me, I cheated and took his pics for the 6 month post early. So shoot me.} and toward the end he started making his own version of the kissy face. And you know what? It's pretty damn cute. I may start "liking" every kissy face photo I see posted on Facebook from here on out, just because I know how cute it really can be.

Look at those lips! They must be from his daddy...
(Don't mind the red marks - that helmet really does a number on his face!)

And this pic was just too sweet not to post :)
He couldn't stop stroking the owl's fur

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