Thursday, May 10, 2012

Great Helmet News

This morning Cruz had his 1 month check up on the helmet's progress in helping our boy  get a symmetrical head. We have noticed definite improvement just by looking at his head, but were so happy to hear how much improvement he really had.

In the beginning of the appointment we were hoping to find out that he would be getting the cheek pad off his helmet. Originally our Orthotist thought it would only take a month to get his cheeks back on track. Instead, he determined that it wasn't quite where he hoped, so the cursed cheek pad will stay on for another couple weeks.

This bad news was overshadowed by the news of his head correction. When he was first diagnosed with Placiocephaly {an asymmetrical head}, he fell into the severe category and his head measured in at 12 1/2mm of asymmetry. After one month of wearing his helmet, the scan showed that he had 7mm of improvement, which means his head only has 5 1/2mm of asymmetry! We couldn't believe it and Tim was shocked at how much improvement he saw in only one month since the norm was 3-4mm improvement.

The goal is to get to 2mm or less asymmetry.  While we hope to see similar results in the coming month, we are careful to get our hopes too high. Often times, families will see good improvement one month and no improvement the next. . Let's just hope we fall into the minority and our little guy improves enough to get rid of his helmet just in time for the summer heat!

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  1. Hooray! That is such good news! Way to go Cruz :)


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