Wednesday, May 23, 2012

First Mother's Day

Ahh, a day specifically dedicated to mothers. Who would've thought it would be that great...I never did. But after enjoying my very first Mother's Day, I have to say that it's pretty fantastic! BBQ, Girl's Night Out, brunch and enjoying downtown Omaha with some cocktails. My idea of a perfect day.

Last Sunday marked my first Mother's Day since having little man bless our lives and I couldn't have been more happy with how the day turned out. We started celebrating a little early on Saturday night- after work we headed over to Nanu & Grammy Jan's for a BBQ with the fam. Then, mommy had a little GNO planned and headed over to my friend Shannon's for some wine, cheese and lots & lots of great gossip - it was such a fun night and I definitely got a little bit tipsy {big thanks to the hubby for watching the little guy!}

First Mother's Day Present: gift from Cruz & the teachers at Primrose

On Sunday morning, I woke up to a very smiley baby {who slept in might I add!} and some beautiful yellow roses, a balloon and a few gifts. He was VERY generous to me this year :) After he played with my card {sang the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song - his fav!} we got ready to meet my mom, sisters, MIL, BIL + Brittany and niece & nephews for brunch at The Player's Club Country Club.

Gifts from my little guy

Started getting fussy + I wasn't ready = this is what you get!

Dayvaney enjoying a glazed donut - I may have snuck a bite or two
{when do I ever get to eat a glazed donut?!?}

Nick, his mama and brother Marc

Soon-to-be SIL, Britt with Cruzer

After brunch, the guys headed off to golf while the ladies & kiddos headed downtown to Gene Leahy Park {yes, one of my favorite places to hang out}. We fed the ducks and played on the cement slides, then headed back out to the golf course to meet up with the guys...where the ladies proceeded to imbibe in a few too many cocktails.

Lynch kiddos at Gene Leahy park
And with their gorgeous mama

The most amazing mother in the world - my mama, Dianne and Cruz

Auntie Jen - I don't think Cruz could've been more comfortable!

Loving on daddy

The love of my life

We were blessed with the most beautiful day and I couldn't have ask for a more amazing first Mother's Day with some of my very favorite people. Now if only every day could be like this. 

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  1. Looks like you had a wonderful Mother's Day! So nice your family is close to share in the celebration.


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