Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Photo Bomb: Trying to Crawl & Some Other Stuff

We've had some great progress over the past couple of weeks and Little Mango continues to develop so quickly! I had to catch him in action showing off some of his new moves and his favorite ways to play.


I would not be surprised if little man is crawling by the end of this week...he is so close. Its just a matter of him figuring out how to make his hands and knees move in the direction they are supposed to, but he is a little weary of that just yet. I know people say you're going to wish they weren't crawling once your house is completely baby-proofed and you can't sit them in one place and expect them to stay there any longer, but I don't care! I just want to see this baby move! Plus, I'm tired of pushing his toys "just out of reach" in hopes he will crawl to them...that just seems so mean.

Hmm...I think I'm going to try it...

Just need to get this leg behind me
(you know he's really trying when that tongue is out!)

Alright...here goes nothing!

Umm...I don't think I'm going to try that just yet.

How about a snack instead, mom?

I love my TOYS!
Little man has been loving up on this toy...I do not remember who gave it to him, but a big THANK YOU goes out to them. It has sounds, lights, music and tons of action!

Picking up the weeble wobble

Sticking it in his mouth for a bit

And throwing it aside so he can get the other two!

 Cruz learned how to go from tummy to sitting up last month when my mom was here watching him while he was sick. I was SO impressed when I got home from work that night...and now there's no turning back! The best part is that he is able to sit up in his crib now and greets us every morning sitting up and smiling at us as soon as we enter his nursery. Not a shabby way to start the day!

Relaxing while mama takes some pictures

Strengthening those arms...ready to push off

Using his head to push himself up
(We've got the makings of some bad rug burn right here)
So proud of himself!

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