Friday, August 24, 2012

Sunday At The Park

On Sunday, Little Mango and I had the ENTIRE day free...with no plans...that has been virtually unheard of these days, so we made the most of it. We got up early and headed to the gym...I love going Sunday mornings because he's the only infant when we get there and has the undivided attention from two of the day care workers.

After the gym, we got ready for the day and then headed to Aksarben Village for the Farmer's Market. I had every intention to fill up the stroller with tons of veggies, but when it came down to it the first two things I bought were fresh Kettle Corn (how can you pass that up?) and cheese. Two types of cheese, actually. Garlic curds and an aged cheddar block. And they had samples of the you can imagine I tried many different kinds before settling...just to be sure. Then we walked around for another half hour deciding which peppers and tomatoes to buy.

We headed over to Jones Brothers and had lunch on their patio (it was absolutely gorgeous out), checked out some of the shops and then took a walk in the park. Cruz even got out and played in the grass for a bit...though he definitely wasn't sure he liked it. Then we headed to the swingset where my boy could've swung for HOURS....he LOVED it. Giggling, laughing and smiling the entire time.

We ran a few errands to pass the time until daddy got home from a poker tournament in Sioux Falls and then got dinner, put little man down for the night and cuddled up to watch a movie. It was a perfect day.

Interested in this stuff he was sitting in...he kept running his hands
through it and making funny faces.
Not too sure
Having fun & clapping!

Loves swinging!

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