Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Table Food!

Last week at Little Mango's 9 month well check we were told we could start table food....what!?!? You mean little, solid pieces of food from food we can eat? I'm right on top of that, Rose! (for you young'uns out there that is a reference to one of the greatest movies of my time, "Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead").

We immediately went to the grocery store - because if you know me, you know my kitchen is generally quite bare and the hubby & I prefer picking up our meals or dining out rather than making them - and picked up a ton of stuff that little man could nosh on.

The first night we had ham, cheese, green beans and a couple cheerios. Then we became a bit more adventurous and I pulled out the pots & pans and whipped up some spaghetti w/ a bit of marinara sauce. We've done pancakes and scrambled eggs. As well as mashed potatoes, corn and applesauce.

I'm telling you my kitchen has had more love the past week than it has in the past three months prior to this! I have dishes to wash, veggies to clean & chop and messes to clean up. And do I mean clean up. Babies + hands + food do not equal a clean kitchen. There is food smooshed in the chair in behind his thick little thighs, near & in his nose & ears, mashed in his hair, squeezed in his hands and all around his near vacinity. Bath time is a MUST each night.

All clean and ready to eat! I envision a knife in one hand & fork
in another and him pounding them on his tray. He was READY

He loves mushing it his hands before it makes it anywhere near his mouth

Hmmm....I've seen this face before from his daddy
(hence the reason I don't cook!)

Swirling the noodles all around his tray.


Messy face

Tossing noodles EVERYWHERE
In his hair...of course we need to run our hands through our hair during dinner.

My happy boy...loving his table food!

I'm excited to continue trying out new foods and seeing what he really enjoys and what foods we will need to get him to like. Another stage in his life I can't believe we're at, but excited for it nonetheless!

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