Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Photo Bomb: BOON!, Lounging & Food

The fun and excitement continues around the Mango household, so I had to take some pics and share them.


Yet again, Boon continues to impress me with their awesome baby gear. Not only do they offer things that are extremely useful, but they creatively come up with new gadgets that make baby life that much easier! Ever since spotting it on their website, I've been in love with the Flair high chair. At first I wasn't a fan of the price tag and after much prodding from the hubby I researched some cheaper models, even to the extent of purchasing one and bringing it home. Only then did I look at reviews for this specific chair and they were HORRIBLE. Terribly difficult to clean (which I'm learning is not for me b/c we make a mess EVERY meal), the fabric was meant to be vinyl, but was not and stained easily... you name it.

After we did more research, we both decided the Flair would be our best bet. It's super easy to clean, has adjustable heights, moves easily around the kitchen, etc, so I ordered it when I found a REALLY great deal online.

Monday night after work I walked into the house to find a big box with our new high chair and couldn't wait to put it together...I think little man was as excited as I was. And after day 3, I LOVE it!

Boon Flair High Chair
First time in his new big boy high chair
He loves it!


The other night was the Cruzer and I spent a long time lounging out on our patio, playing with toys and soaking up the summer weather.


Little Mango continues to be an excellent eater, and while the messes are major and bath time afterwards is a must, he has been open to trying any and all foods I put in front of him. Below is one of the messiest meals to date - pasta, cheese and peas! Check out the mess on his face, chest, mushed in his hands, slimed all over the was everywhere. But meal times have become one of my favorite times we spend together each night and I find myself looking forward to seeing our little guy try different types of foods.

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