Thursday, August 23, 2012

We're Moving!

We have been working with Little Mango for quite some time on crawling and he's been thisclose for the past week or so. It had gotten to the point where last Friday night the Lynch's and I were bribing him (yes, BRIBING my 9 month old) to crawl towards the banana puffs that he adores so much...and he almost did...

So after many failing attempts...last night little man and I were playing hard core with his light up/loud toys and he kept giving me the hand held toys (he LOVES when you acknowledge he is sharing & say Thank You). Of course, I decided to roll said toys away from him. He was SO excited and wanted to grab them, but they were out of reach. After much waiting, little man gave me FOUR "steps" (what do you call the crawling movement?) forward!! I think I scared him to pieces when I shrieked with excitement!

Of course, he hasn't done it again, but we will continue to work on it and we will get there soon.

(Am I seriously sitting here getting excited about when our little guy will no longer sit in one place?)

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