Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fixin' Up Our Ears

This morning, our little guy had surgery to get tubes put into his ears. We arrived at Boys Town National Research Hospital around 5:45am this morning, got him checked in and changed into his scrubs. Aside from the fact that we woke him up from a deep sleep, changed him and dragged him to the hospital, he was in such a great mood.

Big boy in his scrubs
(really grainy pictures for some reason)
Hanging with daddy before he goes back for surgery

After all of that we had to wait about an hour until they came and took him from us to start the anesthesia. I hadn't realized we wouldn't be with him when they put him under and was able to hold myself together as they took him away. A mere 20 minutes later, Dr. Allen came in to tell us everything went perfectly and little man was just coming too while being cuddled by the nurses (I've got to admit I was a bit of a jealous mama). And they decided to keep him in recovery a bit longer because of his past with RSV and wheezing.

I was grabbing a coffee in the waiting room when I heard the doors to the surgery center open and looked straight into the face of our little guy, who just lit up when our eyes met. He reached out to me and I snuggled him to pieces.

Our nurse told us we would be there for another hour or so as they checked his vitals. We stuck a bottle in his mouth right away since he hadn't been able to eat or drink anything since midnight and he fell fast asleep.

After surgery...this pic doesn't show it because he hated
the oxygen thingy but he was so good afterwards
I took the day off work so we could heal with little man and he's done so well today. In addition to all of his other meds, he now has ear drops three times a day which he hates and he's had some bleeding in his ears (which they said is normal), but I can't wait until he's back to normal AND finally free of those dreadful ear infections!

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  1. Katie and Nick - so glad to hear everything went well. He'll be normal before you know it.



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