Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Helmet Update

Yesterday was our four month check up for little man's helmet. I can tell you that this last month we have slacked in making him wear it...between him being sick with a fever and the 100 degree temps we just couldn't do it. So it was no surprise to us that his improvement was only 1mm, however, I was happy to hear that he did have 1mm improvement because that brings us one step closer to being finished!

Overall his head is looking great (as seen here)! Tim would just like to see a bit more rounding in a few areas in the back, which we notice as well. However, we have seen amazing improvement and I would recommend the process to anyone who has a child with extreme Torticollis and/or Plagiocephaly. Trust me, it's not easy or fun, but it's so important and the time really has gone by quickly.

Obviously, as with every appointment, we were hoping this would be our last, but.....we did get some great news - little man only has to wear his helmet 8 hours a day from here on out! That is SO much easier/better than 23 hours a day. We are going to try it out at night while he's sleeping and if it impacts his sleep we will change to wearing it while he's at day care (sorry ladies) because I need all the helmet-free cuddle time I can get from our little guy.

Waiting for the scan results - we won't miss the nylon over his head!

Hamming it up - while the doc was shaving down his helmet for a better fit

Can't get over him sticking out his tongue

Ready to go!

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