Saturday, August 4, 2012

You Know You're A Mom When...

I had this moment last night. The hubby, little man and I attended a wedding for family friends. Of course, our guy was such a little sweetie during the 1 hour+ Catholic ceremony. We headed to cocktail hour afterwards and then to Indian Creek for the reception.

Little Mango had the chance to hang with some of his favorite people...and they were so great letting Nick and I enjoy our time...even though I had the ping of "I want mommy time" quite often while he was being passed around. Finally I was able to cuddle little man when the wedding video was being played and then after he became comatose in my arms (he barely napped all day!), I decided I wanted to take him home so he could get some real rest in his bed around 10p or so.

I really didn't mind leaving early. Before Cruz, I never wanted to be the first to leave a good party and loved closing down the bars. Now, I enjoy my time with him when I can get it, even when he's sleeping and I can't tell you the last time I closed down a bar in Omaha.

I didn't mind when he spit up some of his Plum baby food on my Nicole Miller dress. This dress was a splurge I made on a girl's trip to Scottsdale just weeks before I found out I was preggo and I spent more money on it than I care to divulge (I never like to spend a ton if I don't have to, especially when you can't wear nice dresses more than once or twice a season, usually). Ehh, that's why there are dry cleaners.

And I even missed the cutting (and eating) of the wedding cake and the popcorn bar I was so excited for with the small popcorn boxes that were just too cute. I generally NEVER miss sampling the wedding cake/dessert bar, but what's another piece of cake? And hey, it saved me the extra calories and time at the gym.

It's crazy how someone so small can completely change your life. There are times when I miss how easy it was to just pick up and go or spend the weekends hanging out with our friends and family without much of a care in the world. It's definitely a hassle having to pack to go everywhere and sometimes it feels like all I do is feed this little guy and change diapers. But I can tell you I wouldn't change one part of our new life for anything in the world. I absolutely adore Cruz and every little thing about him. We are so very blessed.

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  1. Cute post. I had a "you know youre a mom moment..." when i went back to my serving job and when something feel i said "uh oh!" Haha


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