Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cousin Love

On Sunday two of the cutest cousins got together at my cousin's wedding shower for some fun and play. I had to share ALL of these cute photos of the play-by-play as DeLaney was feeding and helping toeat Cruz's Plum pouch.

C - "Just chillin' and enjoying my Plum."
(Miss Laney insisted on holding the lid, grabbing it from Cruz & putting the lid on for him.)

D - "Here. Let me help."

D - "I think you've had enough for now."
C - "Huh? You're taking the good stuff from me? But I'm not finished."

D - "Ok, you can have a little more."

D - "Here. Let me just shove this right into your mouth."

D - "Auntie Kate, look at me helping Cruzer eat his food! Aren't you proud of me?"
C - "Hey, I'm not done with that." (as his eyes never leave the food.)

D - "Let me just put this lid back on. I think you're finished."
C - "Whatever you say, cousin D."
They were just so stinkin' cute and I loved watching them play together since they really haven't had the chance to spend so much time with each other in the past. It was TOO cute...and makes me realize the brother and I need to make more of an effort to get these cute cousins together!

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