Monday, August 13, 2012

Our Little Guy: Nine Months Old

Happy 9 months to our Little Mango!!

What has Cruz been up to?

  • Big News: this was another busy month for the Mango's, specifically little man. We had our first words - of course, da-da - and now we can't get him to stop...or say anything else for that matter! He has started clapping, giving high fives, shutting off the light switch, blowing kisses (his interpretation is sticking his whole fist in his mouth, pulling it out and saying muuaah!), giving kisses (wide open mouthed and slobbery...just like I like them!), going from tummy to sitting, standing up against furniture unassisted, turning in circles while he's sitting and actually "playing" with his toys and knowing how to use them. I can't tell you how crazy it is to see how much he is learning and retaining every single's so amazing to watch! In addition this month, little man has been sick (again), had his first chest x-ray to make sure there were no congenital issues (none - phew) and moved to preventative antibiodics (Flovent Inhaler & Singulair). Finger crossed - since this last bout with RSV, Croup and double Ear Infection he has been feeling SO much better.  We are scheduled to get tubes in his ears later this month (after his 5th ear infection) and also to see an Allergist. On the helmet front, little man has graduated to only wearing it 8 hours a day for another month and then we should be DONE. Ahh...that would be great. Finally, he is this.close to crawling - he just hasn't figured out how to get his hands and feet to move where they are supposed to...any day now, I know it.
Looking for his puggle

Quickly growing out of his helmet

"Ok, I'm on my hands and knees like you told what, mama?"
  • Eating: he is still taking 6oz of formula every 3 hours and eating solids morning, afternoon and evening. He loves all of the foods he's tried and hasn't had any negative reactions to anything. At our appointment this morning, we were told we get to try table food! I'm so excited for this and to see him start trying cheese, lunch meats, bread, real fruits & name it. Which also means we get to pick off the menu at day care as well. Our Pedi is hoping this will help him ween off his formula a bit more and bring it down to only 20oz a day.
He loves his Plum baby food
  • Sleeping: he continues to impress with his great sleeping habits and has been sleeping through the night, unless he isn't feeling well. We are making sure that if he does wake up a bit earlier than normal (anytime before 6am) and we hear him, we give him a few minutes to get himself back to sleep and that works like a charm. At first it was hard because I wanted to go running to him, but I also love being able to stay warm in my bed while he figures it out for himself. Lately, when we do get up in the morning, we walk into his nursery to find him sitting up and talking to himself...or playing with Maya if she beats us in there! I love that he is always in a great mood in the helps me start my day off right.
  • Developments:  we had his 9 month appointment this morning and Little Mango is right on target. He weighs 21 lbs 7oz (66%), height 29 3/4 (90%) and his head circumference 17 3/4 (44%) - which is shocking because the hubby and I both have large noggins.  We've got no teeth yet, but I have a feeling they will be there soon, little man is slobbering like a fool! I only hope it isn't as painful for him as I hear. We are also gung ho on walking and practicing every night (though I know it will come in time) - we really hope he will be walking in time for Nick's brother's wedding in a month. Is it possible? Only time will tell...
  • Features: we've taken to calling him "Mini Me" - Cruz looks just like his daddy! His eyes seemed to become even bluer over the course of the past month and really pop in pictures. Speaking of pictures, we had his 9-month shoot over the weekend and even incorporated a couple family shots. I can't wait to see how they turn out. 

Little poser - Cruz LOVES the camera

Wow...hard to believe it's already been 9 months. A year is just creeping up on us!

NINE Months!

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