Saturday, October 13, 2012

Our Little Guy: Eleven Months Old

Happy 11 months, Little Mango!

What has Cruz been up to?

  • Big News: little man has officially started saying "ma-ma" this past month after some quality work with his babysitter and Gma C. And I love hearing it come out of his mouth. He has sprouted not one, but THREE new teeth (two bottom front, one top front) and the way his gums are swollen I know there is going to be another one poking out soon. He has started pulling himself up - most recently onto the dishwasher and his walk along toy. And the boy is quick! His favorite things are dumping out the puggle's food & water in the kitchen, sticking cords & iPhones into his mouth and tearing his mama's magazines to shreds. He was Ringbearer in Uncle Mook & Aunt Britt's wedding, went to the Pumpkin Patch and rode on a tractor with Papa. It's been a busy month!

    Manganaro wedding - cute little ringbearer


    Big green tractor

  • Eating: our boy loves to eat! Seriously we haven't really found anything he doesn't like. He is now fully feeding himself - and some of his favorites are turkey, ham, cheese, mashed potatoes, fruit and pasta. He goes through periods where he will spit out the food he doesn't love, but once I help him try a couple more pieces he's good to go. He also has discovered that it's "fun" to throw his food off the side of the high chair for Maya. Which, of course, she gobbles up but it leaves a messy floor for me to clean up. I will tell you the Boon High Chair has been one of my favorite purchases yet...that bad boy is so easy to clean and it literally takes under a minute. Thanks hubs! Little man is still taking about 4-5 bottles each day with 6oz of formula and I can't wait until the 12month mark when we can try out regular milk.
  • Loves his high chair...because he knows he gets to eat!

  • Sleeping: little man continues to be a great sleeper. Usually going down around 8:30pm-9pm and not waking up until 7:45am...on the dot. We have had some issues while he's been teething when he wakes up in the middle of the night crying and we usually can soothe him back to sleep or give him some Hyland's Teething Tablets (the bomb, by the way) and some Pedialyte and he's out.

    Boy sleeps anywhere

  • Developments:  Cruz is weighing in at 25lbs these days! I get the "wow, he's big for his age" comment All.The.Time. We lovingly refer to him as "the Tank" and I love every little roll he has! In addition to his first two words (da-da and ma-ma) he also does a great job with recognition and now looks for Maya when we talk about the puppy and giggles when I reference "puppies say ruff ruff." I'm trying to get into the sign language thing, which I know they are working on at daycare, but I don't know them all myself...what I know I learned from watching Meet the Fockers :)

  • Features: little man continues to look like his daddy's Mini Me and has some crazy hair. I had scheduled his first hair cut for last week but had to cancel at the last minute...which resulted in me carefully trimming his hair above his ears...carefully...while he slept. I didn't want any head jerks toward the scissors!

So hard to believe this silly little boy is going to be a year old next month!

Goof ball!


  1. What a cute little boy. I am so bummed we won't get the chance to meet him in Omaha next week. :(

    I cannot believe he will sleep in the cart at Target like that! I can barely get Tory to SIT in the cart - let alone lay down!

  2. Such a little cutie, happy 11mos!


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